Fire Art - Dragon Puppet
Fire Sculpture - Forest Rising
Fire Art - Burning Seed Effigy
Fire Sculpure - Forest Rising
Fire Art - Burning Seed Effigy
Fire Art - Psy-effigy
Fire Art - Psy-effigy
Fire Art - Psy-effigy

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A pyromantic with a passion for fire art, drawing inspiration from the power of fire and its ancient role in ritual and performance.
FlameWriter remixes the flames for contemporary audiences, setting alight peoples hearts in a gleeful fiery dance.

Fire up your festival with custom fire design, installation and a safe performance. Contact Glenn.


Fire sculpture for festivals and events

Emerging from Australia’s Burning Man scene, FlameWriter and his crew of talented fire technicians are bringing cutting edge festive art to a wider audience, igniting their senses with the roaring power of fire.

An experienced fire artist with 6 years experience, FlameWriter has built and designed numerous fire sculpture and fire puppet performances, ranging from the 12 metre high Burning Seed “Effigy”, through to complex animated fire performance that surprises and invigorates audiences.

As well as supplying artwork and innovative performance concepts, FlameWriter can assemble the right construction crew to build the installation safely and on budget.


Fire art performance

FlameWriter approaches his work with a high level of professionalism with a specific focus on public safety.


Winter solstice bonfire

Flamewriter loves winter and loves winter solstice bonfires even more. Let Glenn know if you would like a hand making your bonfire event extra special.


Based in Melbourne, Australia

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Fire Art Workshop

Fire Art Workshop

The workshop is presented by 3 experienced Burning Seed fire artists and will explore the unique qualities of fire as an artistic medium and how to design a spectacular show. View the workshop