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In its pre-burn (seed) state the work will aim to plant a seed of consciousness within the burner community to ask questions about the toxicity and impacts of the materials we are burning as part of the festival. This will be symbolic of the bigger questions around the impacts of our whole festival experience.

During the burn, the flames will open the seed into an animated flower.

The final phase will be gifting the ashes back to the land as fertiliser as was done traditionally in the past. This will require strict exclusion of toxicity in the design and construction.

Only farmed and recycled timber was used.


FireSeed build crew

  • Glenn Todd
  • Aidan Kempster
  • Axel Chesney
  • Saul Cross
  • Leon Cameron
  • Al Sunshine
  • With heaps of support from Burning Seed DPI and Kitchen


Photos (from top)

  1. Shaan R. Ali
  2. Shaan R. Ali
  3. Filmeddows Filmmaker‎
  4. Axel Chesney
  5. Shaan R. Ali
  6. Axel Chesney
  7. Glenn Todd
  8. Axel Chesney