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Forest Rising at Burning Seed Festival 2018

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Creative Director and Producer

  • FlameWriter (Glenn Todd)

Build Crew

  • Glenn Todd
  • Aidan Kempster
  • Pamela Johnston
  • Emi Day
  • Jazz Kaelin
  • Leon Cameron
  • Brian Jones

Build Crew Support

  • Peter ingram
  • Gonzalo Collazo
  • Tiffany Harrison
  • David McDonald
  • Nuhr Hermes
  • Kat Tillman


  • Jo Roberts
  • Carley Truscott
  • Simon Gillett
  • Astra Amez

Performance Crew

  • Aria Aria
  • Sean Spencer and the Bass Bug Crew
  • Hayley Sestokas
  • Malaluka
  • Helen War
  • Brooke Sterelli
  • Tony Matulic

General Support

  • Rohan Mitchell
  • Sofia Sabah
  • Justin McGhee
  • Axel Chesney
  • Jason Richardson
  • Rachelle Quattro
  • Burning Seed Artery
  • Burning Seed Kitchen
  • Burning Seed DPI
  • Burning Seed FART
  • Burning Seed Rangers
  • Burning Seed Community

Photo credits

  1. Shaan Reza Ali
  2. Randy Brophy
  3. Shaan Reza Ali
  4. Shaan Reza Ali
  5. Shaan Reza Ali
  6. (Video) Alice Dickinson
  7. Shaan Reza Ali
  8. Shaan Reza Ali
  9. Randy Brophy
  10. Unknown
  11. Ciara Marie Moroney
  12. Shaan Reza Ali
  13. Jazz Kaelin
  14. Tony Matulic
  15. Unknown

Returning for their fifth year burning artwork at Seed, FlameWriter and the Crew of talented collaborators are building their most ambitious piece yet. Mixing puppetry with animation with accelerants with a blazing bonfire, we will be having a crazy Friday night.

Collaborating with Red Earth Ecology in the lead up, we will be exploring the beautiful, ancient world of wonder that is our home at Matong State Forest.

Have a stroll through the forest, The ancient spirit of the forest lives strong through the connection and the many diverse species that inhabit Matong State Forest. You will also find many stumps of felled trees. You would think that's from the old days, however Matong's sister forests are being logged to build houses and structures for us to burn. Is this really leaving no trace?

There are many standing dead and fallen trees that, added with climate change increase the intensity of bushfire beyond their natural limits. Traditionally this fuel load would have been reduced by the local Wiradjuri people who used fire to manage these forests.

There are many sources of timber waste such as local logging waste, salvage timber and large volumes of disposable wooden packaging such as pallets from surrounding cities. Forest Rising will use no timber from native sources, no plywood or other toxic composites and use minimal farmed timber. We will also use no petrochemical accellorants.

Rising from the ashes is a consciousness and connection to land that is inspiring people to rise and protect the many special and sacred lands across the country.

We are prototyping an alternative. As a community are we ready to adapt?