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Fire Artist

FlameWriter is the artist moniker of Glenn Todd.



Glenn is a sculptor, graphic designer and creative director, whose art aims to provoke engagement and connection with nature and environmental protection.

Glenn is qualified as a graphic designer, and has worked as an industrial sign-writer, using 3-D manufacturing techniques and materials, giving him a unique mix of skills that he now applies to his sculptural work.

Glenn has been designing and building large scale timber sculptures for Burning Seed festival since 2013, including the 12 metre high Effigy in 2015. This work includes managing aspects of the design and build including budgets, team management and Occupational Health and Safety.

Burning these structures for large crowds requires additional and strict safety planning, systems and management.

Glenn has been involved in planning of these safety systems since 2016 and played the role of Ignition Controller in 2019. This role involved the live co-ordination of all safety teams including the fire Artists, Fire Fighting teams, medical, security, and State Forestry.

Glenn approaches his work with a high level of professionalism with a specific focus on public safety.

  • Burning Seed Effigy Ignition Controler 2019
  • Current Whitecard
  • Current Drivers Licence
  • Current Working with Children Card
  • 4 years Sign Fabrication including 2 years formal Signwriting apprenticeship
  • 20 Years Founder/Director of Dvize Creative – Web Development company with clients including Stereosonic, Australian Ballet and Arts Centre Melbourne
  • 3 years Diploma Art, Design and Multimedia
  • 1 year Certificate of Art Foundation
  • 1 year of Advanced Group Facilitation

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(Top Photo by Dan Broun).

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