For the love of Burning Art – Workshop

As part of virtual Burning Seed 2020, this workshop is aimed at absolute beginners, as well as experienced sculptors who are curious how to get started with fire or are considering pitching for a burn.

The workshop is presented by 3 experienced Burning Seed fire artists and will explore the unique qualities of fire as an artistic medium and how to design a spectacular show.

We hope to encourage more people to burn some art.


Melissa Carey

2019 Friday Burn

Axel Chesney

2018 Temple
2019 Effigy

Glenn Todd

2015 Effigy, 2017+18 Friday Burn


We will be discussing our experiences at Burning Seed festival, however the concepts will apply to most contexts of burning art.



  • Intro to pitching for friday night
  • Where to Start – Concepts and developing your idea
  • Drawing & using 2d/3d software
  • Structural integrity
  • Model making/building
  • Budget and planning
  • Collaboration & building a team

Fire art basics

  • Basic fire behaviour/Fuel loading
  • Materials, sourcing and enviro impacts
  • Banned materials
  • Building at heights
  • Designing a fire show
  • Gambling (pushing our medium)
  • Animation (risks)
  • Demolition (risks)
  • Accelerants (risks)
  • Ignition (risks)
  • Fireworks/gas effects

2:00pm – 4:00pm, 26th September 2020 EST