Honouring ancient life

“A piece very close to my heart – about my deep love of life on earth and in our oceans, awe at how evolution unfolds into magical complex beings, and grief at ecosystem collapse. The nautilus is a symbol of this for me, as it is a beautifully strange and ancient deep sea creature that has survived for millennia, but is now under threat from ocean acidification and climate change, from our human activities over a fleeting few hundred years. I hope for a future where they are not lost.”
Tiffany Harrison

Project creative director: Tiffany Harrison

Project build mentor: Axel Chesney

Project build lead: Tiffany Harrison & Rebecca Spence

Solid timber nautilus: FlameWriter

Support and build crew:
Rebecca Spence, Veronica Backhouse, Per Staurup, Matt Kelly, Jasmine Ponsford, Regan finn, Rusty Kilpatrick, Jim Beetay, Gregg Painter, Karl Malakoff, Jackie Turner, Underland ground crew (SPAM), Jason Lehman.

Flamewriter, Rebecca Spence, Michael Ellis, Rusty Kilpatrick, Toby Wintermute, Aruna Gk and Charley D’Lasselle



Source Materials

The log used to carve the nautilus was salvaged from storm damage. The cladding came from an old shed on a neighbours property up the road from Underland which was due to be pushed over and burnt onsite.