Standing on top of his temple of power, the Patriarchal elite holds our planet within his hands, exerting his vision and control.

His greed shows no limits, masked in economic theory and endless growth. His violent rule is powered by oil, gas and explosives. He shows no mercy for humanity, wreaking environmental and social havoc. He is the beautiful facade of an outsourced externality.

Across our lands change is happening. People from all walks of life are organising, resisting, applying alternatives and creating the new technologies that will drive us into the future.

Our vision shows no limits, our love and connection is our strength, powered by new ideas and ancient wisdom.

We are creating the new communities that are challenging his old models, disempowering him, making him unstable and volatile.

As our burner community gathers to connect, to flirt and to play, we also create the space for the alternative. Opening our minds and our hearts, an experience outside the default.

Together we create that special space, to expand our personal expression, exploring our inner power and challenging barriers that hold us back.

Will we have the courage to explore a deeper love, to love so deep it hurts?

To create the connection and actions to make his world irrelevant?

Evolution within our hearts, together we revolt…



FlameRider (Glenn Todd)

  • Concept development
  • Creative direction
  • Initial structural design
  • Lead builder of the skull
  • Assistant builder
  • Burn choreography
  • Poetry

This design was completed in 4 days after my original submission was deemed too complex to build with resources and budget. The build took three weeks onsite at Matong State forest.

All artwork produced by me is licensed Creative Commons Attribution.


Supporting Design

  • Skull design by Wintercroft
  • Globe design and build by Terry Stevens
  • Structural refinement by Korri Brennon, Sully Brennon, Jack Rose and various burners
  • Burn Cherography support by various burners


Build Crew

  • Korri Brennon
  • Sully Brennon
  • Terry Stevens
  • TecĀ Dredz
  • JanieĀ Gallagher
  • Richard Summers
  • Everett Wayne
  • Jorja Christensen
  • Ian Eichelberger
  • IanĀ Law
  • Matt Ludstrom
  • Rohan Mitchell
  • Chelsea Barrie
  • Support from various burners
  • Support from Burning Seed community, DPI, Kitchen, and Karl Matthews


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