A large flower kinetic sculpture featuring three pairs of see-saws radiating from the centre. Starting as a static bud, riders open the flower petals into bloom by operating a giant fishing reel, and animate the internal colourful flower show by rocking the see-saw.

The installation requires participation to open the display and to animate the internal show, using a childhood playground favourite. Two people are required to power a third of the installation, with 6 required to power the entire display, encouraging people to play together.

The internal flower consists of three sections, each powered by one of the see-saw pairs and working independently of each other. The aesthetic of the internal flower will be soft and delicate design, using a fluorescent colour scheme. I aim to use high detail and complex geometry to create a beautiful aesthetic.


Standing See-saw
Installation: 4.2×4.2m
Including safety fall zones: 7.2 x 7.2m

Sitting See-Saw
Installation: 6.2 x 6.2m
Including safety fall zones: 9.2x 9.2m

Two design versions

I originally designed the piece as a traditional sitting seesaw design. I have also designed an option for a standing seesaw. After initial consultation with the play equipment auditor, I will be able produce either version safety. The final direction will be determined by further safety consultation.

Flower design

More work design and conceptual work needs to be completed on the internal flower design. I have focused on the design work of the mechanics (to ensure I can I can make the concept work, as well as the structural design (to ensure I can achieve safety certification).


The work includes three LED UV black-lights within the structure, under the petals which will be designed to allow maximum light transmission. The colour pallet of the internal flower will be bright fluorescent colours which will react to the black light creating a vivid and abstract effect.

I will also include clear pipes within the flower, connected to an aquarium bubbler. The pipe will be filled with fluorescent liquid, creating a blubbling, glowing effect.

Public Safety

The see-saw is designed to Australian standards on play equipment, and certification will be supplied by Play DMC. This includes the installation of certified fall foam on the ground. playdmc.com.au

Engineer Certification for stability and structural integrity will be supplied by Structural Melbourne. This will include physical load testing. structuralmelbourne.com.au

A safety inspection procedure will be produced and the installation inspected regularly. Installation and pack down safety procedure will be produced for both public and OHS.