We scramble to exploit the oil that is now accessible while climate change
(a result of our oil addiction) causes the polar ice-caps to melt,
in the same way a junkie looks at the legs for injection points
after amputation of an arm caused by drug injection.


Oil junkies is a mixture of traditional painting and multimedia.
It uses the drug addict as a metaphor for our society which is addicted to
oil which uses it to the detriment to our own health.

Acyrilic and varnish on discarded packing ply.
The syringe is attached to black pipe which sits in a shallow bowl of petrol.

Through the petrol, glossy car and electricity advertisements are played
symbolising the fantasy and self fulfillment that has been created around burning oil.

The viewer inhales the vile fumes when enticed to look closer at the glossy advertising.

The image is set with a desolate landscape of oil refinaries and factories that are
pushed out beyond the horison, obscured by smog, out of sight.