As the spark strikes the birds, the fire awakens their spirits as they launch into Melbourne’s sky, their intricate bodies blazing in flames.

This unique theatre event is an hourly performance that will ignite the imagination with the magic and wonder of flight.

The four bird puppets will utilise kevlar and accelerant for impressive flame effect lasting approximately 8 minutes as used with fire twirling props.

The pair of large birds will have a 3 meter wing span, supported by a 5 metre aluminium boom on top of a 5 metre tower constructed from scaffold. The scaffold tower will be covered with simple black cloth material.

A pair of smaller and more agile birds with a wingspan of 900mm will be hand held by professional performers on the ground also dressed as elegant birds. These puppeteers will use dance and body movements to connect with the audience, creating an interactive and emotional experience.

From behind the safety barrier, an audience member will be invited by the torchbearer to create the spark to start the show. With a very special lighter, they will light the torch that will then light the four puppets.

20 metres of viewing area around the safety perimeter will allow a large number of people to experience the show up close. Children and Special Needs spaces have been designed into the site plot to allow equal accessibility to experience the show.

Development of the performance script is in process that will be designed to emotionally engage with the audience. This original performance piece will blend human movement with the movement of the birds flight while adding the excitement of fire.

During setup in-between shows volunteers will roam the perimeter talking and taking questions from the audience while gifting stickers.