You are wondering around an event and see a boring wooden igloo thing. But there is a tunnel… and being curious you climb through the tunnel into the igloo.

You find yourself INSIDE a disco ball.

The walls are a mirrored dome. There is a pole down the center with a big disco ball towards the top of the pole. The two disco lights above the ball are throwing rainbow lights everywhere.

Lower on the pole is a small round mirror table with a wheel below that. When you turn that wheel, the entire mirror dome spins.

This one was hard to render and would be a whole project on it’s own to render. I did a shot using aluminum instead of mirrors so you can see inside. the renders with the mirrors went crazy so this will be hectic in real life.

The humanoid model is also deceivingly large. The internal diameter is 1750mm so you will be able to fit 6 people inside

I have also added passive air conditioning and an emergency entrance/exit. The work flat packs for transport.

• outside height 1932mm
• outside diameter: 3700mm
• inside diameter: 1750mm